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Stuck on an island with no obvious chance of escaping it, you will quickly find that there are multiple communities spread out across it. These settlements used to be little more than empty shells but their residents have made them into welcoming, safe places to live. There are 3 settlements on the island: the Mountain Lodge, the SSV Normandy and the River Village.


Positioned near the mountain summit, the lodge and its surrounding areas have fared the best as far as damage from the elements goes. All of the windows and doors are intact, and the generators and septic system have been fixed by its residents. Most things are dry and a little dusty, and have a well-worn and long lived appearance. It remains an excellent place to stay.

On the ground floor is the foyer, a very spacious lounge, a large dining room and kitchen (now equipped with replicators). There are also bathrooms, laundry and storage facilities. The rooms are located on every floor above the ground floor. There are 20 rooms per floor; rooms 1-10 look out over the front of the lodge, and rooms 11-20 look out over the back of the lodge. There are currently 4 floors, although that might change if things start to become crowded. All beds are at least double sized and can be bigger if your character is particularly tall. Rooms can either have 1 bed or 2 beds, so characters may room together if they wish. In addition, every other room is optionally adjoining (e.g. 101 & 102 are connected by a door, 103 & 104 are connected by a door, and so on). These doors have catches and locks so if you don't know your neighbour or don't want them to be visiting your room, then they will work like the walls themselves.

If you would like your character to reside at the Mountain Lodge, please reply to this post with your preferred floor and room choice. Lodge rooms can house either 1 or 2 people. Room occupants can be found here.


A state of the art starship from the year 2186, the SSV Normandy almost feels out of place on this island and its rustic style. Previously a mobile command centre in a galaxy-wide war, it now provides refuge to many of the island's inhabitants and utilises its technology to protect all the displaced and improve their quality of life. It is entirely functional, from showers and septic tanks to weapons and shields, and even has shuttles to make travel on the island much easier. It is maintained by its captain, Commander Shepard, and its ever-watchful AI, EDI.

The Normandy has 5 decks. Deck 1 is the topmost and comprised entirely of the captain's quarters. It is generally off limits to everyone except for Commander Shepard. Deck 2 is the command deck and is comprised of the ship's bridge, the Combat Information Centre, Research and Tech Labs, Armoury, Briefing/Communications Room and main airlock. Deck 3 is the Crew Deck, and it is where the crew spends most of their downtime. It includes the Executive Cabin, crew quarters, bathrooms, life support control, mess-hall (equipped with a replicator), medical bay, AI Core, and Port and Starboard Observation.

Deck 4 is the engineering deck, which houses the Engineering section and the Port and Starboard cargo areas. The cargo areas have been turned into hydroponics bays in order to grow fruit and vegetables for the island's displaced population. Deck 5 is the hangar; the Normandy's shuttles are stored here when not in use. This is also the only way to arrive and leave the Normandy at present. As of 1 March, 2020, the Normandy is part of the island-wide connected Eluvian Network. There is a mirror situated in the corner of the hangar, available for transport usage beyond the shuttles.

If you would like your character to reside on the SSV Normandy, talk to Commander Shepard's player and get the character's approval in-game. If your character has been granted approval to live on the Normandy or lives there already, please reply to this post with your preferred cabin choice. Cabins can house up to 2 people. Crew cabin occupants can be found here.


This village is quite small but cosy, with cottages all along the river's edge. They were once homes and they have a lived-in feel to them. Some once upon a time still had tables set, as if a family had been sitting down to eat. Being so close to the river's edge, a few of the cottages have seen some flooding over the years and can sometimes have a mildew problem during very wet weather. Each cottage has its own working generator and septic tank. The cottage floor plan can be found here.

There are 8 cottages in the village, though there definitely seems to be room set aside for more. The village has a main building, which is easily reachable from all of the cottages, and it has a small entryway, a sitting room with a small collection of books to read, a dining room with many tables, a kitchen (now with a built-in replicator), a bathroom, and a meeting room for the village inhabitants to hold events or discussions.

If you would like your character to reside in the River Village, please reply to this post with your preferred cottage choice and any other information you think we might need. Cottages can house 3 people comfortably, and can house more snugly under various circumstances. Cottage occupants can be found here.

Rift Encounters

Rift encounters are what happens when the leylines and their magic opens a rift in a character's vicinity. It is entirely random. The character could end up walking through a rift because it opens right at their feet, which is what happens to most arrivals to the island. A rift could even appear and open up right next to a character, or a few steps away or even above them. A rift could lead to absolutely anywhere.

If you would like a character to have a random encounter with a rift, please comment below. Make sure to specify if your character will be walking through a rift or just nearby to a rift.


With so many different varieties of climate available, the island is naturally also teeming with a wide variety of wildlife. In fact, there are probably so many varieties that not every single one will be on this list (or we could run out of post characters). The provided list consists of the most frequently found animals, as well as the biggest predators, in the eco-system of the island. Creatures that arrive through the rifts and also make the island their home will be included on this list at the very bottom of the page. These creatures are added at the mod's discretion.


These can be intimidating as there are large numbers of them clustered together frequently , but they are much harder to annoy than the crocodiles. They are not built for speed on land and can be easily avoided. In the water, they are much more dangerous, but they are far more likely to go after small pray than a grown human. They are mostly found in the marshlands.


These beautiful organisms and their communities can be found in the Horseshoe Bend. There are dozens of different kinds, accompanied by a myriad of brightly coloured fish and sting rays. The water is deep enough to swim, but only just. The entire bend never gets deeper than 12 feet and most areas are covered in this bright community.


There are a wide variety of deer across the island, with specific types being present in the different climate types. Moose and reindeer are most commonly found on the north part of the island, and the reindeer will primarily wander the tundra while the moose hang about the lower hills of the ice mountain where fresh grass can be found. Fallow deer and elk are spread across the more temperate parts of the island, where there is plenty of food and water.


These beautiful and playful aquatic creatures can be found in the ocean around the southern half of the island. They play in the ocean and catch fish, and may even swim with anyone brave enough to venture into the waves.


Not as aggressive as their salt water cousins, these monsters are still dangerous. They will bite out of self defence and they may consider you coming too close to them a deadly threat. They move faster than one might expect, so be wary if you see one close by. They can be up to 9 feet long and are not to be taken lightly. They are found primarily along the river.


These predators populate the river and woodland areas. They are massive and should definitely be given a wide berth, as a single blow can kill a man. While they can be territorial, they are not likely to approach human dwellings unless food has been left out unattended.


There are several species of monkey on the island and they can be found in almost all locations, save for the tundra and the icy mountain. They are not overly aggressive but they are tricky and will steal food. They can be befriended and trained and are generally very smart. They can, however, be quite loud in a group.


The south-eastern side of the island is the most common place to see red or green parrots, where the forest is warm and almost tropical. They are very intelligent creatures and like to amuse themselves by playing tricks on anyone walking near the trees. They can be befriended and trained and even taught to speak, if you've got enough patience.


We all love these bears but be careful. They are very aggressive, territorial and faster than you expect them to be. They live primarily on the coasts of the tundra and their main food source are seals and penguins, both of which are plentiful. They are excellent swimmers and may show up further south at rare moments.


These beautiful whales can be seen off the island's northern coasts. Their main source of food are seals, which are plentiful in the area. They can be quite deadly but are generally not aggressive towards humans. Highly intelligent and curious, they may investigate a human in the water but are not likely to attack.


They may be adorable but they are also a menace. These inquisitive creatures can and will break into food stores, particularly if you've been fishing. They come in large numbers and can make off with your entire supply before you've even had a chance to grab a broom to chase them off. They can be befriended but it will not stop them from getting into places they shouldn't. They are found mostly in the river and occasionally in the marshes.


There are three wolf packs that have made their homes on the island. A pack of massive Siberians roams near the edges of the tundra. A pack of grey wolves maintains most of the eastern forest. A smaller pack of Mexican wolves maintains the south western side. They are generally timid of humans and will not approach without due cause.


Like their feathery cousins, these cats are very similar to house cats, though they tend to be slightly smaller. Unlike their cousins, however, they have evolved for much more enclosed forest living. These little gliders can be found in the denser areas of the forest throughout the island. They are shyer than their cousins and primarily nocturnal, making them harder to befriend or tame, though it is not impossible.


These adorable felines are not so different from the average house cat. They have similar mannerisms, intelligence, size, and habits. While they can be befriended by a patient person, they are feral at heart and will not be content with indoor life. Their feathery wings leave them more suited to open areas. They can most often be found in the mountainous regions, around the Lodge, and farther South in the dessert like conditions surrounding Horseshoe Bend.


The darkspawn are a race of humanoid tainted creatures that dwell in the underground of the island, specifically the Deep Roads. Their blood is poisonous to all living things and if it is introduced into the blood stream of a person, they will inevitably succumb to the taint and die. There is only one known cure for the taint, which is becoming a Grey Warden, but many who attempt this cure end up dying in the process. These creatures are savage, with near human intelligence. Their only purpose is to kill.


These small dragons are about the size of the average house cat. While they cannot speak English, they are very intelligent, near human in fact. They are generally benign, or even good creatures, but they are very playful and love tricks. If they feel someone is too serious, they will play a trick on them to make them less so. They also have euphoric breath, which acts on humans as a mild, euphoric high. They can currently be found in the Pinsky Forest.


These desert dwelling pups are no laughing matter. Travelling in a pack of five at present, they are likely to multiply. They are about the size of gray wolves, and an be the size of a man when they stand on their hind legs. They do not howl, but rather yip and call much like hyenas. Their saliva is very acidic, and bites from them tend to fester. They can continue to fight if one head is destroyed, but not for long. They can be found in the rocky areas surrounding Horseshoe Bend.


To be added.


To be added.


To be added.

The Island


The lodge was clearly, at one time, a resort for wealthy patrons. High and secluded, this area has fared the best as far as damage from the elements. All of the windows are intact, and the generator and septic system for the lodge has been fixed by residents. Most things are dry and dusty and leaf-strewn. If one could find it, it might prove an excellent place to stay.


A state of the art starship from the year 2186, the SSV Normandy almost feels out of place on this island and its rustic style. Previously a mobile command centre in a galaxy-wide war, it now provides refuge to many of the island's inhabitants and utilises its technology to protect all the displaced and improve their quality of life. It is entirely functional, from showers and septic tanks to weapons and shields, and even has shuttles to make travel on the island much easier. It is maintained by its captain, Commander Shepard, and its ever-watchful AI, EDI.


These cosy cottages on the river were once homes and they have a lived in feel to them. Some still have tables set, as if the family had been in the middle of dinner when whatever happened came. Being so close to the water, a few of them have flooded over the years. The dwellings are a bit mildew affected but it could be worse. Each cottage has its own working generator and septic tank, and is large enough to house several people.


Rooted snugly at the base of the grandiose World Tree are a collection of mirrors, eight in total. Known in their world's native language as Eluvians, these mirrors provide a way to travel considerable distances in a matter of seconds. The eight mirrors at the World Tree are a transport hub, and each mirror fixed at the base of the Tree has a corresponding mirror at another location on the island. Never explored the island before because of how massive it is? Never fear! These mirrors will let you travel without taking days to reach your destinations. Just don't forget your mirror map!


Fed by the Marsh and River deltas, this salt water oddity has an interesting ecosystem. The water is fairly shallow, and populated with a myriad of fish. The surface is edged with bright algae and the mix of plant life below gives the water, at times, an almost rainbow glow. While the air here is arid and dry and frequently hot in the sun, it is a beautiful spot.


Fed by runoff from the river and mountains, this area is vast and treacherous. It is filled with fresh water crocodiles, alligators, and other such predators. It is also home to many species of bird, beaver, and river otter. There is a wooden boardwalk that traverses the areas nearest the base of the mountain, clearly a hold over from the days of the resort. They are mostly intact, but have begun to rot away in places.


A harsh, unforgiving stretch of land to the North. Usually covered in ice with a thin layer of wind blown snow, this place is dangerous even for the most skilled adventurer. There is almost no cover from the blasting winds. The few trees are tall pines with high branches. There are a handful of natural caves here and there along the rocky terrain, but they are no guarantee of shelter. They may, in fact, be inhabited.


Covering most of the island are dense forests. It is mostly temperate, leaning towards pines in the more mountainous regions and growing more tropical as it nears the coast. In it can be found a variety of wildlife. There are few paths, however. Be careful that you mark your path for the return journey.


This volcano is active. It does not appear to have erupted for quite some time, but it is clearly still very much alive. Smoke trails from its crater and, flying overhead, the heat is intense for even the strongest hero. Lava can be seen bubbling. One must hope it does not push upward any time soon.


Towering high above all it's neighbours, this mountain has a perpetual cap of snow and ice. It's sides are steep and rocky. Dangerous. It is pockmarked with caves and crevices formed by rock grinding on rock and melting ice cutting channels through the stone. Few things live here, and the things that do would not look kindly on visitors.


The rivers are long and often deep. They are home to crocodiles, alligators, barracudas, and other such river monsters. Their banks are generally even with few outcroppings, making flooding an occasional problem. The water is clean of pollutants but should be boiled before consuming at all times.


A temperate forest originally located outside Moscow. It is home to elk, boar, and several types of birds. While famous for its vast birch groves, it also includes pine, oak, and redwood trees.


A thick band of fog stretches across the waters along the northwest corner of the island. The terrain here is rough, and it is not likely to be encountered by hapless travellers. Those who find themselves caught in the mist may find it difficult to get back to shore, or anywhere at all.


A high plain region that rises out of the see with steep sides, plateauing high above the water line. It is characterised by its flat terrain and high grasses. Ground hogs, rabbits, and mice abound, as well as several large birds of prey.


A marshy area leading out into the ocean. This area is characterised by willows, cypress and hanging moss. Beware of the waters: saltwater crocodiles have been known to lurk here.


A large rocky island that, through years of wind and sea spray, has been carved into the grisly appearance of a skull. Large parts of its interior are open and cave-like but when the tide comes in, many of the skull's lower chambers do flood. It has become a safe haven and home for the members of the Isle of the Lost and those they trust.


In its own world, the Wounded Coast is a feared place and rightfully so. Originally one of the paths that travelled towards the city of Kirkwall, it has now become a winding collection of steep and uneven roads with very few apparent exits to the rest of the island. Abandoned ruins and deep, damp caverns appear out of nowhere amongst the paths. It was known for its bandits that hide among the rocky cliffs, as well as dangerous predators that stalked the area. Who knows what lurks here now? Do you dare find out?


This dense forest is unmarked by trails and very treacherous. It is easy to get lost here and the thick trees provide a perpetual twilight beneath their branches. There is no telling what might be hiding here.


A cold expanse of forest and swamp, the Wilds are a dangerous and gloomy area that is frequently flooded with salt water since it arrived on the island. It is littered with ancient ruins of castles and towers, left over from a long-forgotten era. It is also home to a lot of wildlife: salt-water crocodiles, bears, boar, giant swamp crabs and even the occasional shark. The most dangerous creatures that venture here are the darkspawn, however, and they are almost as fond of the Wilds as they are of the Deep Roads below.


The Deep Roads are a grand network of enormous underground tunnels which span the length and breadth of the island. Originally the vast empire of dwarves, these subterranean highways are the work of unparalleled artisan achievement with centuries of planning and engineering shown in the geometry of their walls. Statues of dwarven Paragons watch over any passing travellers, and channels carry flows of magma that keep the tunnels lit and warm. The tunnels fell into disrepair over the years while various creatures infested its halls, and none are more dangerous than the darkspawn. If you venture into these tunnels, be sure that you have a Grey Warden along or you may never return.

World Pieces

The rifts can bring anything to the island. It won't always be people. It could be animals, buildings or even monsters. Certain technology on the island may have been calibrated to detect when rifts will appear, but it's impossible to know what could and will come out of the rifts at any given time. It could be animals, buildings, or monsters. The entire island could even change overnight, taking everything that you think you know about this strange island and throwing it straight out the proverbial window. If there is something or someone on the island that isn't wanted there, the only way to get rid of it is to force it back through a rift or kill it. Or deal with it.

If you would like your character to bring a piece of their world to the island, please leave a comment below. We do not currently accept houses, personal dwellings or very large landmarks that would drastically alter the terrain of the island in any way (e.g. forests, lakes or tunnels). Please limit any requests to buildings, isolated locations or specific landmarks. Note: If you have a very good case or idea for a world piece type which is not currently accepted, feel free to contact the mod team and discuss it with them!

If you would like your character to have a random encounter with a rift, please ask here!

Current Pieces & Locations (Map)
To see a complete list of world pieces which have been brought to the island, by whom and what their location is, please click here.



  • Post the character application in their own journal and fill out completely.
  • Please have at least 5 icons uploaded.
  • Friend the mod journal, [info]riftworld.
  • Comment below with a link to the application.
  • Once you've applied, please request membership to the OOC, Network and Log Communities.
  • Comment here to let us know what (if any) world piece your character is bringing with them.
  • Check the FAQ if you are confused.
  • Comments are screened to keep your personal information private.





  • Please state your name and which player invited you to Riftworld, as we are invite-only.
  • Holds are indefinite (within reason).
  • After 2 months, the mod team will ask if you still want the hold.
  • Original characters must put their PB on hold.
  • Actors with canon characters within the same fandom will not be allowed for OCs.
  • Adds are done as needed.

Current Holds

Darcy Lewis
Flynn Rider
Buffy Summers
Warrior of Light
Final Fantasy (XIV)

Locked Holds

Please contact the mod team if you are interested in this character. This must be done before making a hold.


<b>Name:</b> Your name
<b>Character:</b> The character's name
<b>Fandom:</b> The character's fandom
<b>Invited By:</b> If applicable
<b>Contacted:</b> Please indicate if you've contacted and gotten the okay from players/canon-mates.



  • When posting a wanted request, multiple characters per post is allowed.
  • Please check the specific request entries for any additional information.
  • Before making any holds, please contact the player who requested the character(s).



Marvel Cinematic Universe

Mass Effect

Shadowhunter Chronicles

Star Wars

World of Warcraft

Ben, Hermie Bing, Carlos, Diego De Vil, Hades, Herkie, Jay, some more Auradon/anti-hero kids

Fandral, Frigga, Heimdall, Hogun, Volstagg

Ashley Williams, EDI, Garrus Vakarian, Grunt, Jack, Jacob Taylor, James Vega, Javik, Jeff "Joker" Moreau, Kaidan Alenko, Kasumi Goto, Legion, Liara T'Soni, Miranda Lawson, Mordin Solus, Samara, Tali'Zorah, Thane Krios, Urdnot Wrex, Zaeed Massani

Julian Blackthorn, Mark Blackthorn, Charlotte Branwell, Henry Branwell, Cecily Herondale, Gabriel Lightwood, Cristina Rosales

K-2SO, Bodhi Rook, Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus

Nathanos Marris/Blightcaller, Lor'themar Theron, Alleria Windrunner, Veressa Windrunner


<b>Character(s):</b> Answer
<b>Fandom:</b> Answer
<b>Contact:</b> Answer
<b>Notes:</b> Answer

























































































































Frequently Asked Questions

How and where does my character arrive into the GPSL?
Your character will walk through a rift from their universe into this one. They will arrive at a random location on the island, which will be posted in the OOC community once your character has been accepted.
Why did they come here?
A rift can happen anywhere and at any time. Your character will step through a rift and suddenly be on the island with no idea how they got there. The rift which they stepped through will have closed behind them and there is no way to return.

In the case of characters who have died or are at the point of death, the moment of their death is a rift in and of itself and they will be pulled by the rift onto the island.
What will my character have with them when they arrive?
All of the characters arrive with the clothes on their back, plus anything they might have been carrying at the time. After arriving, characters will notice a duffel bag nearby, perhaps on a tree or laying in the dirt. It is the same duffel bag for every character and it clearly came from some tacky Native American themed tourist trap somewhere in the USA. Inside the duffel bag is a smart phone with a battery that conveniently doesn't ever die, a blanket, some travel food rations, a canteen of water and a compass. They will not be provided with extra clothes, but some clothes might be found in the buildings that the previous inhabitants of the island left behind.
Why can't my character just step back through the rift?
The rift that brought your character to the island has already closed. There are others, though going through them is probably a bad idea. A rift can lead to anywhere and any time. It might take you to the same location during the Jurassic period. It might take you 1,000 years into the future when the ice caps have melted and the whole area is underwater. It might take you to an alternate dimension where the air is made of toxic gas. All really bad things. Or you might walk into a field and feed a unicorn for a while. There's just no way to know.

If you would like your character to randomly stumble through, fly into or choose to walk through a rift, just ask here and the mod team will provide you with a scenario that your character will experience on the other side.
How big is the island?
That isn't easily defined. If one could walk all the way around the edge without fear of the elements, it would probably take about a week to do so. Due to terrain, the 3 habitable locations - the Mountain Lodge, the SSV Normandy and the River Village - are all about a day's walk from each other. None of these locations can be seen by the other 2.
What's the island like, e.g. plumbing and electricity?
There is none. There used to be, as there are modern buildings here and there. Everything fell into disrepair a long time ago, as the buildings are dirty and the windows are blown out. The last inhabitants of this island probably left at least 5 years ago, if not longer, and while their buildings remain, little else does. Both the Mountain Lodge and River Settlement have generators and septic systems, which could be repaired if only someone knew how. As of 1st December 2018, the generators and septic systems at both the Mountain Lodge and River Settlement have been repaired and there is full plumbing and electricity for their inhabitants. And as of 1st August 2019, there are replicators (from Star Trek) installed in the kitchens of the Mountain Lodge and the mess hall of the Normandy.
Can I play an original character?
As long as they are from an established fandom, yes. Bring in that wannabe Avenger you've been working on, or that demon hunter. Please note that we'll be on the lookout for overpowered original characters and Mary Sues. We'll be a lot more strict about original characters applying than fandom characters.
What about villains? Can I play someone evil?
Yes, you can! There are limitations, however. Villains like Kilgrave, for example, with mind control abilities will find themselves unable to affect other fandom or original characters without the permission of their players. This falls under the god-mod rule and we will be watching for it.
Why about my character's superpowers? Why can't they leave?
Because they can't. Simple as that. Flying away is not an option, as there is nothing but ocean as far as the eye can see. Fly far enough and you will run into an invisible rift wall. Attempting to teleport home will just send you to a random spot on the island. Psychic abilities can't reach beyond the scope of the island. You're stuck here.
What sort of contact do characters have with the outside world?
None. Well, almost none. If your character was tech savvy and thought ahead to download a bunch of stuff onto their laptop or smartphone before arriving, and they happened to have it on them when they came through the rift, then they'll have access to that. But they aren't going to get new seasons of their favourite shows, unfortunately.
Can characters arrive with children?
As this is a survival-based GPSL, characters can't arrive with young children. We allow teenage characters but they must be at least 16 years old to join. Characters under the age of 18 years old may not be depicted in sexual situations either.
What's the deal with this "world piece" section on the application?
When a character falls through a rift, a piece of their world can get brought with them. This could mean your character's favourite donut shop, or a larger piece like the Statue of Liberty or a section of the Golden Gate Bridge. Dwellings are not allowed, however. No houses. No Stark Tower. No Men of Letters bunker. Other things that happen to have living spaces can come through, i.e. space ships, pirate ships, etc but their primary function has to be something other than a dwelling. In addendum, keep in mind that all things that fall through the rifts are subject to the island's rules. They will not have electricity and their plumbing will not work as it isn't connected to anything.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! Just leave a message in the Dropbox and the mod team will respond as quickly as possible.


a disclaimer
  • As the premise says, we are an invite-only GPSL. We are, however, a very active community (since March 2018) who are very invested in our characters and big on developing and writing with them. We write and post more than the required monthly activity on a regular basis. We love constant communication and we're big on consideration for the players around us. We understand that our writing is a hobby and that real life comes first. If you think that this sounds like exactly what you want in a writing environment, that's great! If you are only looking to post once a month and disappear without any sort of communication or consideration for other players and characters, then this probably isn't the game for you.
player & character ages
  • Players must be at least 18 years old. Why, you may ask? Simple. There will be violence. There will be swearing. There may be sex. The mod team doesn't want to be put into a position where we have to answer to the government for what your underage eyes and fingers saw or did.

    Characters must be at least 16 years old. Characters that are younger than 16 years are not allowed. The island is not a place for children, even if their families are present and willing to look after and protect them. Plots regularly involve extremely life-threatening scenarios and situations, well beyond what the average parent is used to.

    In addendum, characters that are under 18 years of age cannot be depicted in sexual situations. Hand-waving can be a wonderful thing and should be used in those specific situations.
no canon puncturing
  • There are only 2 exceptions to no canon puncturing: original characters from a fandom and the Deadpool Clause. If you've got an original character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's every possibility that they've read the news and therefore know all about the Avengers. Kara Danvers, however, would not know them because she is not from that universe. In addendum, the Deadpool Clause is as follows: if Wade Wilson decides to join us, then he is very likely going to canon puncture everyone including himself. That being said, if a player isn't comfortable with having their character(s) canon punctured and doesn't want it to happen, that's fine. Communicate about it.
this is a panfandom GPSL
  • That means all fandoms and all characters. Heroes and villains alike. No fandoms or characters are outright banned from play unless the majority of the players put forward a request. In addendum, the mod team reserves the right to cap a particular fandom if it's becoming far too populous and taking over the GPSL completely.
the character cap is 10
  • This is non-negotiable. If you have 10 characters and would like another character, you will have to drop one of your existing characters. If you drop a character, you may not re-hold that character until 2 weeks have passed. Dropping the same character twice will limit your ability to re-hold it again, as further holds of the same character by the same player will be decided on a strict case-by-case basis.
holds, applications and pre-existing connections
  • Journal names should be combinations of the characters' names or somehow reference the character in question. If it's clearly related, you're good! You must hold a character before submitting an application. Applications submitted for characters who were not held beforehand will be deleted and ignored until the proper procedures are followed.

    If you would like to play a character who has:
    • a romantic connection (e.g. ship) with a character in-play,
    • any family members in-play (biological or otherwise),
    please contact the player(s) of the character(s) and okay it with them prior to posting a hold or submitting an application. We're not big on awkward and uncomfortable situations of any type that result from a lack of communication. In addendum, some platonic and/or family-like relationships (e.g. Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes, Vasilisa Dragomir & Rose Hathaway, Steve McGarrett & Danny Williams, Alec Lightwood & Jace Herondale, Tony Stark & James Rhodes, etc) are held to the same requirement. You must contact the player of that character and okay it with them before you post a hold or submit an application. Please err on the side of caution if you think that your character may fall under this requirement.

    With regards to general canon-mates, it is not a concrete rule but we strongly encourage potential players to communicate with the players of potential canon-mates if they are hoping to hold and apply for a character in the same fandom.
characters per fandom
  • You may have more than 1 character per fandom. However, it can't be 2 characters that routinely talk to each other. You can't play both Dean and Sam Winchester, or both Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. You can, however, conceivably play Steve Rogers and Clint Barton as they do not tend to interact as much one-on-one.
only 1 version of any character is allowed
  • Yes, we know there are technically 13 Doctors, and we know that Wishverse Willow is different from regular Willow, and we know that there are about 432 versions of DC and Marvel characters across multiple universes, shows and movies. For the sake of simplicity, only 1 of each is allowed.
non-canon, sensitive and banned story-lines
  • Non-canon incest, slash and mpreg story-lines are not allowed. The mod team understands that this will frustrate some players but particularly in the case of slash, if a character has canonically stated their sexuality then you must stick to it. If they haven't, well then it's up for interpretation, isn't it? However, Charlie Bradbury won't suddenly hook up with a guy and Blaine Anderson won't suddenly decide that he actually likes girls. Arguments like "they're just in denial" will not be accepted. If they have stated that they are a particular sexuality in their canon, then that's what they are.

    Story-lines with sensitive themes such as abuse, miscarriage and rape are allowed but must be tagged appropriately. Logs/scenes with graphic sex and/or violence are also allowed but must also be tagged appropriately. Story-lines that include pregnancy must be tagged appropriately, must happen in real-time and must be approved by the mods.
  • You must have 1 piece of activity every month per character. Activity is considered:
  • Comment Exchanges. These will need at least 5 comments per character, totalling at least 10 comments to count.
  • Network Entries. You must respond to any tags on your network entries for it to count.
  • Logs, Scenes and/or Narratives. Logs/scenes need at least 2 replies per character to count.
  • A hiatus is sometimes needed when real life reasons prevent us from being able to play or write. A hiatus can last a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 1 month. The amount of time agreed upon will vary and depend on the specific situation. If longer than 2 weeks, the hiatus can count as the piece of activity for all your characters for that specific month. If you need longer than 1 month, you may reapply to the GPSL when you're able to. Note: Extensions on a maximum hiatus may be granted on a case by case basis.

    Activity ends at midnight in Pacific Standard Time on the last day of each month. Any player who fails activity must wait one month before they reapply with that or any other characters. If a character was intentionally being dropped, the mod team must be made aware or else it will count as a failed activity check.
be kind with canon updates
  • We get it. Sometimes you realise that you really want to bring a character from the end of Book 5 instead of Book 3. It's understandable. For newer material, however, we have a few guidelines. Listed below is the required wait time for canon updates when new material is released:
  • New Episode - 1 Week
  • New Movie - 1 Month
  • New Season of Show (IE: Netflix) - 1 Month
  • New Book - 1 Month
  • New Video Game - 1 Month
do not cross the line between ooc and ic
  • This might seem like a duh rule but we're putting it in here anyway. Behind every character is a player. The player's attitude and opinion do not automatically match the character's. Please remember that. If you're concerned, contact the player in question and talk it out.
do not be a jerk
  • Racist, homophobic or hate filled speech and/or actions of any kind will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate removal from the game. We know that there are characters who will say offensive things but this is a hobby. We're all meant to have fun in this environment. If you can't do that without spewing hate and vitriol, this is not the place for you. In addendum, if you have a problem with another player, please be adults about it. If you need moderation, please ask for it. The dropbox is always there, if you need it.
Stay in Character
  • If we see Steve Rogers beating up innocents, then we're going to have a chat. That's obviously an extreme example, but you should understand what we mean.
don't god-mod
  • This includes but is not limited to:
  • Controlling someone's character.
  • Using someone's character without permission.
  • Assuming knowledge of a character that was not given.
  • In addendum, please consider other players when you create and develop plots. If you think your plot is going to affect someone else negatively, it's always best to check and make sure.
spelling and grammar
  • This is a writing community. Please attempt to make your posts and tags readable with proper punctuation, grammar and spelling.
have fun
  • And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Just leave a message in the dropbox and the mod team will answer it as quickly as they can!


Welcome to the Rift World.

Your own worlds are not as stable as you think. Invisible lines of magical energy, known as ley lines, are laid out across planets. Sometimes they intersect and form pockets and when that happens, the walls between universes gets weaker. The magical energy puts out siren calls that are impossible to ignore and open doors, to other worlds and times and dimensions.

You have fallen through one of these doors.

Once on the other side, you find yourself in a new and very strange place. An island that at first seems uninhabited. It is not, though, and you aren't alone. At your feet, or nearby in your line of sight, is a bag. Did you have it with you previously? It doesn't look familiar. Inside the bag, you find a handful of things that you don't own and don't ever recall buying. Yet there they are: survival gear, electronics, food and water. Where did they come from?

If you explore the island, you may find its inhabitants and realise there are thriving communities. You may find out that the doorways are known as rifts. You may stumble across things that have no right to be on this island. Is that the burger joint from your hometown? Is that the Statue of Liberty? Is that a pirate ship? How did they get here? Did they fall through a rift too?

Discover and survive, but be careful of the rifts. You were lucky this time, even if you don't think so. But who knows where you might end up, if you step through one again.

Riftworld is an Invite-Only Panfandom GPSL. It is loosely based on the concepts and ideas of the Rifts RPG. It has been active since March 2018.

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